Rohan Joshi

The team designed a personalized visual Identity using a distinctive design language for Rohan Joshi’s Youtube channel-The Sidepod. An F1-themed podcast hosted by Rohan where he expresses his views along with other well-known personalities. The identity was generated by first designing an animated logo (static & motion) using a bold racing font accompanied by a side view of an illustrated sports car that aligns with the name “The Sidepod” itself. Apart from the primary thumbnail, customized screens were also created for different segments that take place during the course of the podcast- displayed below. 


To create a visual identity for Rohan Joshi- (Youtuber & Streamer) for his F1 based podcast on Youtube- The Sidepod.

  • Strategy

    Media Strategy

  • Design

    Logo Design, Identity Design, Youtube Thumbnails, Stream Overlays

  • Client

    Rohan Joshi

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